How to Get Free Fonts for Cricut and Sublimation Projects

The Cricut and Sillouette line of cutters and the new craft of sublimation printing have enabled small crafters to be able to do some big projects. These are perfect for gifts and some crafters have been able to start business using these. When you are doing your designs for these types of projects, you will quickly find the need to get more font choices. This article details how to get free fonts for Cricut, Silhouette, or sublimation printing projects.

My favorite place to find fonts to use in my projects are:

These sites all have so many fonts to choose from and they are easy to install on a PC

How to Install the Fonts

Download the fonts to your computer and use the File Manager to find the files in your Downloads folder.

  • Windows: Right-click on the font files and choose “Install”
  • Mac OS X: Double-click the font file and choose “Install font” button
  • Apple iPad: You will need an app like iFont, AnyFont, and Fonteer first. Once one of those are installed, when you click on the font file it will ask you to Open in [App Name] and you can install it.

My Favorite Fonts

I Love Glitter

One of my absolute favorites is the I Love Glitter font. This font is used in the image below in the Peter Sandra part of the image. It is a decorate font that has some special parts like the preceding and trailing tails (by using the left/right bracket [] )and the heart (by using a underscore _ ). It is great to use on these knockout type images overlayed on a simpler more block font.

I Love Glitter font being used in an offset project
I Love Glitter font example


As of 02/01/2021: This font is free for personal use and is a low cost license for commercial use. See more at


There is a very cute variation of the I Love Glitter font called I Love Christmas that a little tree or a star or a bow instead of a heart. It also has some string lights to use instead of the tails

Lemon Milk

Lemon Milk is a beautiful, simple, but classic font to use for titles or background lettering. It is the MILLER part of the image below and is a perfect contrast to the I Love Glitter font.

Lemon Milk font being used in an offset project
Lemon Milk font example


As of 02/01/2021: This font is free for personal use and the designer asks for donations for commercial use. You can find more information at the FAQ.

Academic M54

I love the Academic M54 font when I am doing posters or ornaments for school or graduation type activities. It has a very varsity or collegiate feel to it, and it is fun to use.

Academic font is a font shown in how to get free fonts for cricut
Academic font example


As of 02/01/2021: This one does not have a fee for personal or commercial use, but donations are appreciated. You can find out more on the font page.


When I want to convey a more scary message, I find the Acidic font really hits the mark. It demonstrates a shaky or less stable foundation font. I couldn’t find any license information for this font.

Acidic font example


The Noteworthy font is a great handwriting type font to use in a variety of ways. It is better than using Cosmic Sans since it has less of a cartoony feel to it, but it still gives the same vibe. I couldn’t find any license information for this font. In the image below, I used the Noteworthy font to make this design for a sublimation printed mug.

Noteworthy font example