I have always been a major geek – was programming since the sixth grade – and also love all types of crafts, especially sewing. I own a sewing machine and serger and a nice embroidery machine that I borrowing from a family member.

This combination of tech geek and a crafty mind has manifested itself various ways. I started with a scrapbooking website in the 90s with a custom online auction that I ran as a business and then moved on to do web programming as my primary job and let the crafty part of my come out in my hobbies. Now I love to do ornaments and gift bags for family and friends.

I decided to start this blog to be able to document the tech geek topics that I like, showcase my crafty brain and learn more about working with WordPress in general.

Please read my blog – both the geek and crafty topics, visit my Pinterest boards and if you see something you like in my Etsy store, please feel free to purchase. Most of all, have fun with all sides of you.