Customizing a WordPress Theme Quickly, Easily, and Realtime

Applying a theme to your WordPress site is usually pretty easy to do, but there are always parts of the theme that don’t really match with your vision. These items can something small like text size or color in certain areas. These are actually easy to change, and I made this video to go through the steps of customizing a WordPress theme.

The video goes through the process of how to find the element you want to change and locate the class applied on the element to apply targeted changes. The best part of using this method is that you can see the changes in real-time before you publish them to the world.

In the video, I was using Firefox but if you are using Chrome the only real difference is that instead of “Inspect Element” it is called “Inspect”.

I hope the video helps you make your theme the best for you, and if there are other videos you would like, please leave a comment below. I have also included a few links to resources that can help.

Customizing a WordPress Theme Resources

For more information on using Web Tools (Inspect Element) in your browser, here are some resources:

These links have some more information on theme customization options: