7 Holidays to Repurpose your Christmas Tree

I love Christmas – it is my favorite holiday for lots of reasons. One of them is that you get to decorate your house for Christmas with lights, stockings, and a Christmas tree. My living room looks amazing when the tree is up, lights are one, and it transforms the room into beautiful glowy magic.

I would love to leave my tree up year-round and celebrate other holidays so I went to Pinterest to find some inspiration for tree decorating ideas through the year (and to validate that I wasn’t the only one thinking of this and to avoid the title of “Crazy Christmas Lady”). I found so many beautiful pins that really inspired me.

Valentine’s Day

Since the first major holiday after Christmas is Valentine’s Day, I knew this would be the easiest one. There are so many decorations and ornaments with hearts that this would be pretty easy to accomplish.

I really love the white tree in this holiday scheme since it goes so well with the red/white theme, but a green tree can definitely be used. Items like hearts, lips, cupids, hearts/arrows, and roses will make a beautiful tree.

St. Patrick’s Day

Moving on to March, we have St. Patrick’s Day. I really love how the white trees look for this holiday theme, but since green is one of the colors of St. Patrick’s Day is green, the more natural-looking green trees work nicely as well.

Using shamrocks, leprechauns, horseshoes, top hats, green/white/gold ornaments will make a spirited tree. You can also consider adding some fun elements like lottery scratch-off cards, gold coin type ornaments, and other custom touches to make the tree more festive.


As we roll into the end of March or beginning of April, Easter is the next traditional holiday to celebrate with a redesigned Christmas Tree. This is another holiday that the white tree looks amazing.

Easter trees can be decorated with any pastel ornaments, spring flowers, eggs, bunnies, and baby chicks. If you choose a tabletop tree, add chocolate candies, coins, and candy-filled eggs for a fun centerpiece.

Fourth of July

There are so many examples of trees with an Americana theme. Again, like the other holidays in the first half of the year, the white tree really does a great job showcasing the red/white/blue ornaments and other design elements.

These trees can be decorated with red/white/blue ornaments, flags, Uncle Sam ornaments, and stars.


While not a holiday, the late summer/fall time has some great tree decorating possibilities.

Artificial sunflowers (or other summer flowers), burlap, pumpkins, and other fall elements look amazing. I also loved the idea of a beach, nautical, vacation (put all of your travel ornaments on it), or a camping themed tree.


Moving into later fall, using a tree is a fantastic way to decorate for Halloween. This is another occasion where the white trees provide the ideal backdrop for black/white/orange/purple/green decor.

Pumpkins, skulls, and Halloween themed ribbon are great ideas for decorative elements to celebrate the spooky holiday.


As we move closer back to Christmas, put up your tree a little early and decorate for Thanksgiving. It will save you time when you are ready to decorate for Christmas since your tree will already be up :). The decorations that can be used are pumpkins, burlap bows, pilgrims, turkeys, fall leaves and any brown/gold/orange/yellow ornaments.

Christmas trees can definitely be reused and it would be so nice to have that glow all year, show off your crafting skills, and possibly have a great conversation piece for your guests.